DH Product design is an award winning industrial design agency and new product design & development consultancy that serves to help other companies, organizations and individuals to design and develop their own new products.

Who can we Help:

Inventors Рlooking to bring ideas to life whilst safely  protecting their design intellectual property.

Innovators – having the next new product concept wanting to drive their product to market quickly and professionally.

Companies – looking for new idea inspiration, concepts or developing current great products into outstanding products.

What do we do:

concept generating

design development

prototype and modelling services

International Manufacturing management including Asian markets such as China, Taiwan, Europe etc.

Supply chain and logistics

ergonomics and styling

Injection moulding design/analysis

How do we charge for our services:

Are fees are calculated on a project by project basis and welcome¬† ‘Shared Risk / Shared Reward’ deals between DH and Clients, with reduced design fees in exchange for royalties on sales.

Who have we worked with:





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